Consulting and technical assistance

Minecs offers its customers (investors, mining and quarrying operators, mineral transforming plant owners) to benefit from its consulting services to recommend them the most suitable solution to their specific needs.

Minecs offers its technical assistance services as well by supporting its customers to improve their operation efficiency through either short term missions or middle and long term assistance agreement.

Technical assistance provided by Minecs includes services offered to both equipment suppliers-manufacturers and their customers. Minecs is well indicated to play a key role in establishing successful link between mining operators and their suppliers. Our good knowledge of the market and our awareness about end users requirements can ensure both operators and suppliers benefits.

Owing to its reliability and expertise, Minecs gained the confidence of many equipment suppliers, to recommend their equipment to end users. Such service is offered to mining and quarrying products manufacturers as well.

Minecs good knowledge about the most attractive mineral and geological sites allows it to suggest to its customers profitable investment opportunities

Minecs expertise includes also its technical assistance offered to research and mining permits owners willing to get in touch with associates interested to invest in their projects as shareholders.

You need advice or technical assistance? do not hesitate to contact us.