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Minecs is a Consulting and Technical Assistance Company focused on mining, quarrying and mineral transforming , operating as service exporter.

Mr Abdelhamid AMRI

Mr Abdelhamid AMRI

Minecs  was founded in 2011 by Eng. Abdelhamid AMRI, expert in the mining sector, graduated as a mining engineer in 1982 at Alès Mining School (France)  He has over 30 years of experience in mining and mine planning : 10 years at Compagnie des Phosphates de Gafsa and 20 years as Director of Development and Mineral Transforming at the Ministry of Industry, Tunisia. Moreover, while occupying these fuctions, Mr Abdelhamid AMRI was appointed as stand-in teacher at Faculté des Sciences de Tunis where he teached Mining Engineering and Mine Planning for graduate engineering students during two years.

Minecs staff members are specialized in mining engineering and geosciences and have large experience and skills related to mining, quarrying, and phosphate transforming sector.

Minecs services include studies, technical assistance and training for other sectors, owing its agreements signed with free-lance senior experts in environment, and energy (conventional and renewables).


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